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Own a Saman Arepas Restaurant

Saman Arepas Licensing Department offers an interesting program to own and operate up to three different models of Saman Arepas Restaurants. The first one is the Saman Arepas Full Bistro which has two variations Full (35 or more seats) and Small Bistro (Up to 25 seats). The second one and most popular is the Express, which is a location designed for higher traffic areas such as shopping malls, airports, universities or even stadiums. The third model is the Mobile Restaurant or Food Truck, which is limited to specific areas and regulated by the number of existing locations on a specific geographical territory.

The Licensing Program has some of the lowest start-up costs in the industry. Your complete investment will depend on your location, business model, and the extent of renovations required.

The licensing department has the latest and most accurate information regarding the licensing program. They will be providing you with a realistic scenario based on the latest data obtained from the operating restaurants.

We are sharing our formula for financial success, download our brochure or contact us for additional information.



Download all the documents available and review every step and every requirement of the Licensing Program. Contact our Licensing Department via email, through the Licensing Website or by telephone. We will help you determine if you are the right fit and meet all the requirements



Once you find out which business model (Express, Mobile or Bistro) fits your profile, submit your application online or in person. Upon approval you will be required to fill a non-disclosure agreement in order to obtain a FULL LICENSING PACKAGE. You will also be required to proove very simple financial guarantees which can also be obtained by any third party financing of your choice.



Once your application has been approved and depending on the selected model/s, you will be required to meet with our Licensing Department to sign the Licensing Agreement and define the execution plan. Depending on the type of restaurant you may be operating as early as 45 to 60 days.

Keys For Success

The Product

Great Quality Meals

The Training

Dedicated training programs

The Brand

40 Years in the Making

The Marketing

Effective Ads & PR



Training program with the highest standards.

Restaurant/Store Design

Store desig guidelines and approved vendors


From the POS, Back Office to the Kitchen we provide it all.

Operations Manual

Specific tools to operate your business effectively.

Field Support

Dedicated training manager for the first 2 weeks

Licensee Services

Full support for licensees during business hours.

New Recipes

We are constantly innovating with new recipes.

Expansion Programs

Once your business is running we help you expand.

Invest in Your Future

Which is the Right Model for Me ?

Our licensing department will work with you to select the right business model for you. Several factors such as location, capital requirements, and demographics will play an important role when it comes to open any of our business models. Take 10 minutes to fill our questionnaire and submit it to [email protected].

Complete Information

Download our brochure and contact us

For starters download the brochure by clicking on the link below. It will give you a more detailed scenario on each of the business models we offer as well as on the capital requirements, deliverables and different processes involved in our programs.